The best and the cheapest places to go through a year.

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You want to travel across continents, but aren't you sure if your bank account is your own? We know how they feel. As your friends have laid out their adventuings on "Gram," this is a one-way ticket to the end of FOO ..

But don't despair! After reading our advice on how to save money on all the hostels in the year, we are sure that we can get you where you want to go before (or after) you become a student ..

We have chosen several popular destinations, which may not seem the cheapest at first sight, but are available if you are.

Before you begin searching, wipe all cookies.

Where to go a year.

Now Australia is not the cheapest country on Earth to make your year. But if this is your dream destination, then there are ways to minimize your expenses ...

Australia is a country of the wave, so if you're only going for a few weeks, it's a good idea to focus on one or two regions that you really want to see ...

If you're going for a few months, you may even want to invest in.

What about the food? Well, Oz has three major supermarkets you'd like to see on Wheels, Woolworth, and IGA. IGA has its own home brand Black and Gold, which is a super-good value!

It is not much more expensive to eat than to make it yourself (if you go to the right places) and.

It's Australia.

Our resident expert, Jake Butler, has lived in Australia for two years and said that he has made most of the natural (and free!) beauty!In Sydney, you can do things like getting a suburban ferry across the harbor. This is not very expensive, but it saves a special tour for the harbour, which may be worth more!

Sydney and Melbourne are very expensive, but cities like Cairns (the Great Barrier Reef) and Brisben in Queensland (Northeast Australia) are a little cheaper and enjoy the pleasant weather ..

These visas are perfect if you plan to stay for a while and would like to.

If you want to live more than a year, you can apply for a second 12-month visa after finishing work in rural Australia. The cost of the visa.

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Canada is another GI-NORMOUS country, which you will probably enjoy more if you stay for a longer period of time. Like Australia, food, beverage and accommodation prices vary according to location ..

If you are a British citizen, you will not need a visa to visit Canada, but you will need

We will not lie to you, big Canadian cities are not the cheapest. Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver are smaller cities and rural areas, but you can put an end to artillery shelling in transport if you choose the last one.

Inner city public transport is a fairly expensive and easiest way to get around. The one-way ticket cost is from 1 to 2 pounds. Big towns have one.

The Canadian National Railway Company makes tickets for students wishing to travel within 60 days.

You will pay approximately 440 pounds for seven tickets to any destination, 562 for 10 tickets, or 813 pounds for unlimited tickets all over the country. More on those.

A little higher than your price range? And ours too. Fortunately, there is a cheaper option: the bus!

Buses and coaches are the cheapest way to travel long distances in Canada. Montreal tickets in Toronto go for about six pounds if you're ready for a six-hour bus ride ...

The cheapest option (but certainly not the healer!) will be rapid food chains, which are quite similar across the board. Dinner is the most expensive to eat, so we would recommend eating lunch or breakfast, as you can get the lunch menu ...

And you should try it.

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Do in Canada.

Canada is essentially national parks and nature. Pacific Rim in Alberta, Banff in Alberta, Yoho in British Columbia ....

Unfortunately, most of these parks do not make student cuts, but they only pass on a daily basis.

You might want to consider getting your hands.

If you are touring national parks, the cheapest way to do this is to remove the car and share the account with other travelers. However, if this is not an option for you, there are buses that will drop you!.

Those who fantasize about themselves.

As soon as you are inside the park, there is a bus system that takes place between various attractions within the park, both Canadian and American.Also known as Europe of South America in the context of heavy European immigration in the twentieth century, Argentina is definitely one of them adventurers ...

It has all the landscapes: mountains, beaches, deserts, sublimated cities and much more, so of course it is one of our first nine destination points for the budget!

We recommend flying to.

If you're in a tight budget, stick to night cash to get around. While trains are the cheapest form of transportation in Argentina, they are actually.

Public transport is cheap in Argentina: a one-way ticket costs about 30p.

Food and booze are cheap, especially in the north. Don't forget to try Fernet and Coca Cola is a traditional drink, which is enjoyed in a plastic bottle cut in half, and is passed to the parties (it sounds a bit strange, but it is actually a great way to make friends!).

And make sure you fill your stomach

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The case is in Argentina.

A complete reservation: South Argentina, which is the host of the Patagonian mountain range, is far more elusive than the north because the goods must be imported and the location is also much more expensive ...

However, if you are going on a trip, this is probably one of the few cases where we recommend traveling during the high season (

Summer in Tierra del Fuego province-about 15 degrees-don't forget to bring the scarf! The north is much cheaper and hotjer, temperatures are more than 30 degrees ...

In addition, there are famous saline flats in Argentina, or Salinas Grandes (3300 m above sea level), Gore Fourteen (pictured above) and

The islands often work with local tourist councils and travel agents to organize tours in these places, and prices are usually reasonably reasonable (but again, no harm in shopping around!) ..

Just pay attention to what you can do Iguazu Falls without tour: there is a bus that goes right there!

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La bella vida Italiana. It's like pizza isn't enough to make it the perfect place for a gap in the first place!

It's in Italy.

Let' s start with Rome. The Coliseum, St. Peter's Basilica, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Vatican ...An excellent way to test Italian capital is to go to the house.

The Vatican Museums (including the Sistine Chapel) cost £ 7 for students under the age of 25 to present their student card, but they are.

Some sites are free on the first Sunday of each month. The Borgese Gallery, where Caravaggio and Raphael are located, is free, like the Coliseum and Bata Caracalla!.

Public transport in Rome is rather decent-for £ 1 ticket, and to get around the whole country on the budget, we would recommend you to take the bus or use the site for sharing.

If you can tolerate buses, they are very cheap: you can get from Rome to Naples as little as

There are so many amazing foods in Italy to enjoy, but restaurants can be childish: they often offer it to you when you sit down for it only to look at it as soon as you finish and dust (unlike France, where bread is usually at home) ..

Besides, always remember that.

Tourist tax in Italy.

Living is not the cheapest in Italy, as some cities have a tourist tax (or "tasessa de soggiorno"), which will look at hostels, hotels, campsites and bed and breakfast.

Cities and villages outside of Rome will look after the 80p and £ 3.50 per night, but hotels in Rome can look up to £ 6 ..

It is worth remembering that the tariff goes up or down, depending on how much your accommodation is ...

If you stop at a five-star hotel, you will end up paying a full wharf, but staying in a rather basic hostel, you will keep you in the side of the cheaper end of the scale!

To avoid this right now is the time to remind you to try.

In the north of the country is particularly picturesque:

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Morocco is a beautiful country that has been visiting your year with a scorning summer temperature. The best time to visit is in.

Do in Morrocco.

The capital of Morocco, Marrakesh, is certainly at the top of your list. Medina (main square) is to be seen and free to walk around ..

If you want to relax in the true Moroccan style, you will want to visit the hams (public baths), which can cost as little.

You'll want the cargo.

Ask the hostel and friends of the hostel for recommendations. Three-day tours, including camels on a camel through the dunes, double-night numbers and food, can return anything from 100 to 300 pounds ...

Mind you, a lot of what you pay up here goes for gas, so.

The food in Morocco is very cheap and delicious. Restaurants can cost you.

We know this bit will be important to you:

Since alcohol is not part of most local customs, it is a little on the side of the price, so the trip to Morocco is the perfect time to give your liver a break!

Whatever you need to see.

Even though Morocco is safe, you'll have to look after the money. Fake guides are stuck in markets and will try to sell you their "services" (usually locals try to make some money) ..

Hennai artists can also try to grab your hands and give you the henna tattoos without you, and then make you pay for it!

If someone comes to you, just say no thanks, and don't be afraid to say it several times, if you have to ...

Carmanas tend to hang on the markets, so

Don't be afraid.

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Slovenia has an alpine felt Switzerland, but with a much lower price tag! Perfectly suitable for lovers of great outdoor, Slovenia is famous for its rolling hills and turquoise lakes, many of which can be seen free of charge. One of our best seats in a year.

Slovenia is on.

Most cities in Slovenia are connected.

In Slovenia, English is widely spoken, so you will be just fine, although it is always polite to recognize at least basic local underwear, and thank you!.

If your wine is yours, you'll feel at home in Slovenia. Slovenia is producing some of the best red wines of Europe in the western region of Primorsk and nom de plume in Podrawaha in the Northeast ...

Slovenian cuisine is simple, but delicious and has an impact on neighboring countries such as Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Bring a plate of traditional hum (meat and vegetable turret) while you are there, and if after, a piece.

The coast is famous for its seafood, which can be sent to the sea floor about 10 pounds sterling for two men!

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In Slovenia.

It is also possible to think about stopping the former military base of Meatelkov, which has become an alternative to street art and culture ...

One more mouth.

Longer tours are available, but the cost is much higher (about £ 60!). The Bled castle is located about 100 meters up the lake with a view of the lake and the tolerance will return you £ 11 ..

Slovenia is all hills and greenery, so there are farms, conservation projects, campsites and hostels that can be volunteers if you think to stay a few weeks/months ...

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Spain is a warm and hospitable country, ideal for a one-year trip, whether it is long or fired. And it's just from Morocco -- two birds, one stone that we believe!.

It's in Spain.

In addition, Spain is on the internecine route, although train tickets have been provided.

As we mentioned earlier, Spain is quite diverse in terms of landscapes ..

You have exotic beaches in the Benidorm area in the south, in cities like San Sebastian and Bilbao in the north, and in.

If it's an island life, we'll catch you. Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote ... and they are not just party hubs, they are also home to some incredible natural objects ..

Domestic flights between Barcelona and Ibiza/Menorca are fairly inexpensive (about £ 40), but for the rest, you better get a ferry service, or book a coach ticket that will inevitably lead to the ferry on the ferry!.

Loan: Pavel Lysenko-

Sangria, tapas and paella ... nomonomonomonom. When it comes to Spanish food, you really sleep at your choice ...

And luckily, food and drinks are cheap in Spain. Most restaurants serve meals or menus-business that is cheaper than evening menus ...

The Spaniards don't even start.

There are many proposals in Spain in terms of culture, night life and landscapes, and it is much cheaper than Britain ..

Spanish is also one of the world's most widely used languages: 500 million Spanish speakers all over the world.

The room rates range from £ 300 to £ 450 per month in Barcelona and Madrid, while in Malaga, Zaragoza, Granada and Oviedo £ 200-£ 300.The British Council also makes a program for British citizens who are interested in learning English as a Language Assistant ...

You do not need to be fluently proficiently in the Spanish language (although some knowledge of the lingers will contribute to the increase of your application) or have the right to obtain TEFL certificate, only your GCSEs ..

Positions are available throughout Spain, including the Balearic Islands. More information about this.

Last but certainly not least, Thailand's paradigm. Thailand is a popular place for young British diamonds, partly because it is mainly heaven on earth, and partly because it is so cheap!.


From the point of view of the site, the city.

The capital, Bangkok, is also one to check, but it can feel quite full and stressful for several days because it is so busy!

That's why you want to run away to the Thai islands to relax. Ko-Tao, Ko Pha Ngan, Phuket, Ko chang, Ko Lanta ... Beaches and galore!

{ 10 Check the prices on the network } { 2, } { 18 to have a rough idea that for example, it should not cost more than 350 Thai baht (

But wait to book tours or tours until you get to it. You can often clap prices on the site, while if you book them on the Internet, you will have no choice but to pay the full dock. Being flexible can save a lot of money.

ATMS may charge you for use, so you may want to take some money with you this time. Make sure you keep it hidden away!Credit: Serra Photographer-.

As with Morocco, the best way to make Thailand's budget is to eat street food (which is safe) and drink local beer ...

Public transport is also very cheap, like coaches, so try not to travel through travel agents where you can ...

The stout can bring you back next time. Some of the hostels are not advertised and are as cheap as.

If you're a beer drinkers, you might want to think about drinking at your hostel, not in bars, like beer is cheaper to buy in Thailand.

Pull your speech about you. If someone offers you a mocking cheap trip to Tukaptuk (Thai cabs) or tour, there is a chance that they will take you to the store and pressure you to buy something ..

These shops sometimes have names like the "Great Palace" to make you think that you are taken to a tourist hotspot ...

Thailand is popular among students who want to teach English. The easiest way to do this is to get the TEFL certificate (Tuach English as a Foreign Language) ..

The TEFL certificates are your cheapest option, and usually you will return 100-400 pounds sterling. Other TEFL courses will cost you £ 400-£ 800, and some will even go to £ 1,000. Don't worry, we have a whole thing